Eportfolio: the key to my dream job.

Eportfolios are electronic portfolio; they group all you have to showcase to potential employers and school in one place. A place where you could “store” all your learnings, projects, accomplishments, it is a platform to showcase your work. It regroups all the information you would have on a resume, LinkedIn, blog, electronics, artifact, reflections, videos. They also us to show our originality too with could be a big plus for me.

At this point, I do not believe there is room for eportfolios in my teaching as my student will not be looking for work or getting to school where it could be useful. But I should introduce it to them let them know that it exists and as they get into the workforce and start to cumulate artifact they definitely should do it.

Personally, I see the value for myself really high as I already had potential employers asking one. Just that without experience really and not being satisfied with the work that I have done in my PIDP I am scared to build one. But I will overcome the fear and just do one anyway. In my case it became a necessity.

I should polish my blog and include it in my Eportfolio. I could put pictures of my sales trophies. My Media enhancement work maybe but was my first Powtoon and the quality is not there so could be worst to put it in. I have excellent ad design that I did as a media consultant that I should put in there. I don’t believe I should really show what I have right now, but I should work getting “better” stuff that I could be proud to put in there.


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