Me, Myself and I

My personal Online training experience

pulling hair

Last year around this date I started my first online class and a few challenges arrested. I felt lonely in my learnings, but at least at that point, my motivation was high. It also was my first learning experience in English; my brain had to adapt. No only the platform of learning was different but the style of assignments too as I never did an APA style essay in the past. Coming from science, I did lab report which is entirely different.

I am overcoming the ESL, essay, APA challenge but for the loneliness and motivation… a just need to push myself and find things to learn. I just so far find my learnings repetitive. So now I am not learning new “stuff,” and it is frustrating. I might have become negative toward it too.

Up to date, all class confused my most significant learning is student engagement. I am an extrovert-millennial usually found in the classroom setting, but I tend to learn more online because I saw myself pushing further then I would in face to face.

Online I don’t wait for the learning to come to me, I look for it usually. The problem that I have right now is the fact that I feel like I Plato. I am just starting this certificate, I I have zero experience in Elearning but still feel like a revision of my PIDP.


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