Engaging Students through Creative Learning Activities

“Students don’t need to go to school or to a library. They can get information in a second. It is at their fingertips, in multiple sources, and it doesn’t have a nervous tic. What students need to learn today is how to sift through, evaluate, and apply information…it is important that students learn actively and that they do not just acquire information, but that they do something with that information.”

This is so true this day is not about what you know but how you apply your knowledge. No one wants to hire an encyclopedia because it is useless but someone that could link the information has great value.

For me, it means that as a teacher we should have activities that engaged the students actively and help him to apply the knowledge learned.

I will do a lot of creative learning activities in my class, and I will try to take it out in the “real world” as much as possible.

Barkley, E. F. (n.d.). Student Engagement Technique. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.





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