Extrapolation of Experiential Learning

Today, Meetings. “Six Trends in Experiential Learning for 2017.” Six Trends in Experiential Learning for 2017. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <http://www.meetingstoday.com/NewsEvents/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsDetails/tabid/138/RegionID/0/ArticleID/29670/Default.aspx&gt;.

I really question de source of this article, it might be a advertorial but was still interesting information,I am not sure how that they all fit with the Kolb experiential learning cycle. Because the experience is just one part of the process.  If you tell your class: ok we are building a bird house and give them wood, glue, a hammer and leave it at that. What will they really learn? Just what they did that work and did not work,they could do that at home.

I strongly believe that for an experiential learning lab or activity to be successful the teacher or facilitator need to apply the Kolb’s experiential learning cycle that you could see below.

Experiential learning.PNG

*Image from Glenhaven Park website http://glenhavenpark.com.au/activities/camp-activities-year-4-up/

In the meeting today article they bring up the learning by silence as one of the 2017 experiential learning trend. I would like to apply silence in class between step 3 and 4. I personally  do meditation and firmly believe that it help to open the mind.

Exactly how would I do that? I’m in sales, so role play is really the best way to learn the art. There is already a lot of role play in my training.

  1. Every student try to sale me something in front of the class and I will play a typical client.
  2. As a group we discuss every play right after. I write down our observation and reflection before we move to the next role play.I would never do more then 5 students in a row.  This is step 2 and 3 of the Kolb’s experiential learning cycle.
  3. I would lead a 2 minutes of breathing exercise, eyes close. I would like to see if it help improve the result .I would redo step 3 after the meditation. Base on this blog post of the Huffingtonpost How Mindful Meditation Boosts Creativity and Innovation I think it would be helpful.
  4. Together as a group, we look at all the notes we have on the board and make our  own statement.
  5. We apply the statement in real life see if we get result

Experiential learning is a great way to pass knowledge to adult student in my field and I can’t wait to see more alternate reality games in the corporate experiential learning. I do realize that funding is the biggest issue here but as the years pass, I expect to see some of it.

I have a fantasy of mixing gamification to blend learning in sales and get a great result of ARG. Objective of the game would be to get more sales or close a deal. First you do a online training on how to develop a good social sales network, then your get a fake contact from LinkedIn or Facebook that is the “bug” and it go from there. Fake phone calls, E-mails … would be a great way to evaluate the student too. This is me brainstorming by myself but if  your are interested and would like to put something together, you know were to find me:) That could be bringing the experiential learning to the next level.


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