The Generation Challenge


Johnson, S. A., PHD’RN, & Romanello, M. L., PhD, PT, SCS, ATC. (2005). NURSE EDUCATOR (5th ed., Vol. 30) [PDF]. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,Inc. Retrieved December 20, 2016, from

Nursing is not my domain but this chapter of a nurse educator book, is gold to me. Multi-generation in the work place is a reality. The boomers that don’t retired as plan because of lack of saving and increase of the cost of living create some challenge, not only that promotion are harder to get then in the past but in learning and development we are dealing with not only 2 but 3 different generation in our classroom. More then often the 3 generation are equally represented in my field.

Here you could find the Robertson associates visual on the characteristics by generation.


When I link Johnson and Romanello chapter of generation diversity to Robertson associates table, it is more then obvious that the teaching and learning approach need to adapt and reflect the need of the boomers, generation X and millennials. They have different and distinct aspiration and career attitude, it’s impossible to motivate them the same way.

Here is the generational learning styles that you could find in Johnson and Romanello chapter.

capture I really like Johnson and Romanello table on the generational learning styles. I will definitely keep that in mind, when building and presenting corporate training. It has to reach every generation group, one example ,I will keep the old lecture style and ask how the new knowledge link to past experience and what they already know for the boomers. Will do a test and put the important information in there to insure the knowledge retention and class participation of the generation X. Plus because I’m in sales,role play is a must and this technique suit well the millennials.

I hope 2017 and the years to come will give the adult learning community more information about generation diversity. It is a specific challenge to andragogy , you can’t ran in multi-generation class in pedagogy. The only field that I see that is running in this challenge is management, here is one of the many raison why in any corporation training and management team need to be tight and communicate well. Not only that  they share common goals and challenges but they depend one on the other.


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