La tête dans les nuages LMS-> SaaS

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Harward, D. (n.d.). Training Industry Magazine. Retrieved December 22, 2016, from

Doug Harward  in is article in Training Industry Magazine made really interesting comments on how LMS are evolving to cloud base,the SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms.

Like Harward say the cloud and the apps “allow us to deliver training content pre- and post-learning experience, or to better manage and track the effectiveness and efficiency of online training, will change how we use devices for training. Mobile apps are not just about how we access content, but in the future will be more about how we monitor learning and skill progression.”

For now, we are just realizing what data we could collect from this new type of E-learning, the SaaS is a new trend not only in adult education but in a lot of other fields. It will impact how we evaluate success, build and deliver training for sure we just haven’t seen how just yet.

With amazon finally coming in Montreal like The National Post said on dec, 20th 2016. We will see the trend on our territory too. I personally believe that in the next 3 to 5 years we won’t see the gap between US and Canada anymore. Yes, currently Canada is behind with all the cloud technology but for a good reason. Our government don’t allow us to store information in the US and for the longest time all the cloud storage was in the US soil. Now the leader Amazon have 2 storage option in central Canada. They are competing in the SaaS with Bell Business Solution, Radiant Communications, Cloud Pockets from Vancouver and Netelligent.

Personally, what I find the most positive about this technology is the small and medium size business market that become more reachable for the adult educator. As per statistic Canada their or over 176,014 Small businesses in BC. They cannot afford an in-house trainer for 99 employees or less but doesn’t mean that they are not in need for continuing education. SaaS is the perfect medium to deliver and could also make personalize training more affordable.

Provinces/ Territories Employer Businesses
Small Medium Large Total
(1–99) (100–499) (500+)
British Columbia 176,014 2,623 329 178,966

*Source: Statistics Canada, Business Register, December 2015.


2 thoughts on “La tête dans les nuages LMS-> SaaS

  1. poonamsharmait says:

    Hi Lynnette,
    Your post is a really nice research about the latest trends and technology in adult education. I am totally in coherence with you for all the points you brought out here about the role of cloud based SaaS platform in Learning Management System (LMS). It has made the learning easy and affordable for everyone in an efficient time saving manner.


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